Digital Language School is a unique online language school that allows students to learn Japanese as if they were in Japan, no matter where they are. The course is based on 3D teaching materials and utilizes a state-of-the-art teaching style that is unique to Digital. To learn a language, it is very important to know the culture of the country, so let's fly around Japan and learn about Japanese culture in a 3D space.

This school is based on self-directed learning so that students and working people can study Japanese. Homework is assigned every class, and students are expected to study on their own before coming to class. Therefore, students are not required to meet face-to-face for four hours every day as in a regular Japanese language school, but rather study at their own pace and then attend two 30-minute classes online per week. Because it is online, students can attend classes on their way home or at a café using their smartphones.

In this way, our school wants as many people as possible to have the opportunity to learn. We hope that we can help those who want to live and work in Japan, even if only a little.